Introducing Milaap360

Create the perfect fundraising experience

Milaap 360 is the perfect fundraising solution for engaging your donors, staff, customers and followers.

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India’s first ‘All-in-one’ fundraising solution

Beautiful fundraisers. Unlimited possibilities. Give your supporters more ways to contribute.


Sell tickets for a cause. Donors stand a chance to win prized items.

Offer perks and tiered incentives on your page.

List art, collectibles; manage bidding and purchase all online.

From concerts to galas, sell tickets, registrations for in-person, virtual events.

Sell unlimited items, variations and manage seller tracking

Stream events, auctions directly on your fundraiser.

Fundraise with donors pledging on your activity (eg per-mile run, per-kg weight lost etc)

Combine fundraising types in one; like a livestreaming event with flash sales and an auction!

Milaap360 is built for individuals and organizations alike

Artists & creators
Non profits
Schools & Hospitals
Corporate giving & CSR
Event mangement agencies
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